Dylan G.

“First of all, NYLA customer service helped me with all my questions and curiosities. Secondly, Robert Vito was really exciting and fun to be around on zoom. Great personality and coach; I loved the exercise where we had to pick a household item, and he had us act out a super power that the item held and we had to sell it through a commercial. I’ll never forget being able to sit under his wing for the small handful of sessions we had.”

— Dylan G.

Nekoda L.

“We really loved all the feedback that the coaches gave and how they each gave different perspectives based on their career experiences.”

— Nekoda L.

Melissa H.

“It was fun working with all the coaches and gaining different perspectives and learning what to expect. Along with improving and bringing out the best in my son when it came to acting.”

— Melissa H.

Nathan P.

“During the NYLA experience, I have had the best coaches imaginable along with the exceptional service of their team.”

— Nathan P.

Kevin M.

“I enjoyed the whole experience. I think I did a great job at the showcase. All the classes I took we great and I walked away with so much information and advice. My mom really found the customer service helpful too. Whenever she emailed them they were quick to reply and had a response to her questions.”

— Kevin M.

Melissa V.

“Allison had fun and learned a lot through this experience. It was very informative with acting tips and with all the info she needs to get started (head shots, resume etc).”

— Melissa V.

Sewraj P.

“Doing the monologue every week. Yes, very fun. Customer service were always prompt in responding to any email inquiry. Yes, rocked the agent showcase. ”

— Sewraj P.

Ricardo R.

“Ricardo did have fun with his coaches, he also had a new, good experience. Customer service was awesome, answered all our questions in a reasonable time. In the showcase, Ricardo had a call back from Dianne from iPop. Ricardo really enjoyed the modeling bootcamp.”

— Ricardo R.

Delphine R.

“This was the best experience for Ben. He grew so much! This gave him the confidence he needed. Everyone at NYLA was amazing. The coaches gave amazing advice, they were very generous with their time, they were supportive, fun, dynamic. The modeling experience was so much.”

— Delphine R.

Leah M.

“I enjoyed the whole experience. I think I did a great job at the showcase. All the classes I took we great and I walked away with so much information and advice. My mom really found the customer service helpful too. Whenever she emailed them they were quick to reply and had a response to her questions. ”

— Leah M.

Michael C.

“For someone one who’s first step was this entire experience, I would say that the best part for me was the amount of knowledge I learned throughout the classes and showcase about the industry.”

— Michael C.

Rochelle S.

“Lila enjoyed working with each coach and learning something new to add to her acting and auditioning, she appreciated all the feedback to help her grow and feel more confident with her monologue. The whole experience was great. The company itself was very good at responding to emails changing a session if we missed one and adding one back on the following week for us, which should help Lyla stay connected and focused.”

— Rochelle S.

Airene M.

“I would say I personally liked the modeling Bootcamp because it was fun to learn how to walk and pose. Also very entertaining to watch other people walk and pose.”

— Airene M.

Markell K.

“The coaches were awesome and my emails to customer service were always answered quick, professionally, and super friendly.”

— Markell K.

Amber B.

“Thank you to the coaches for making my daughter feel so comfortable and for making the workshops fun while teacher her and giving her tips!”

— Amber B.

Anita E.

“Weston had an absolute blast with all of his coaches. He learned so much from each individual one. His favorite experience was the Commercial Impov with Robert Vito. We had a very good experience with customer service. They were very prompt at getting back to us as well as being very helpful and insightful. We honestly appreciate everyone and felt that we were shown exceptional service by all. Weston blew everyone away at his Agent Showcase with his enthusiasm and evident love of performing. Weston really loved his Acting Bootcamp with Robert Vito. He really felt Robert’s advice and genuine honesty helped him with being able to perform his monologue to the best of his ability.”

— Anita E.

Joni L.

“Thank you all for your encouragement and personal attention to every single one of us!”

— Joni L.

Sylvester and Lakeysha J.

“Everyone was great. We love that NYLA provided seasoned professionals.”

— Sylvester and Lakeysha J.

Chantelle S.

“Thank you! I love you guys! I know you guys all had and get a lot of us coming and going. But I genuinely have grown to appreciate you guys and love you all for being you and your skills and occupation skill set in life and personal parts of life you share with us. Your lessons will stay with many of us like a positive ripple effect for life. I hope to be not forgotten.”

— Chantelle S.

Peggie S.

“I believe you all are doing something really great for our community and for our future and I thank you for this opportunity and for you to continue to work with us and even though we got into IPOP but we didn’t have the funds to complete it however we just thank you so much and we’re gonna continue to work hard with you as you promote us and we’ll just build our résumé in our Career as we go forward. Thank you to all the agents and all the coaches and NYLA talents!!!”

— Peggie S.

Soline D.

“Thank you and great job! You do know what you are doing because you are doing it well. Continue the great work of making dreams to come true.”

— Soline D.

Clarir D.

“I think every one should try NYLA TALENT you will not regret it you will enjoy it have fun and yes meet a lot of people but also be nervous as well don’t get me wrong that nervousness will get too far trust me I did.”

— Clarir D.

Alecia J.

“All the coaches and team members did an outstanding job and I would recommend them to anyone. The feedback they gave was on point”

— Alecia J.

Chelvi J.

“I wanted to send you a thank you note: We really thank you for the opportunity and gave us a platform to showcase my daughter’s potential. We are new to this so we would like to thank you guys for everything.”

— Chelvi J.


“Such a wonderful and inspiring group of coaches to work with! We enjoyed every minute of the experience.”

— Kiska

Maya T.

“Yes, our experience with NYLA was truly amazing and we loved Steve Roberts coaching.”

— Maya T.

Lachandra M.

“Shout out to the whole program because you all are giving people a chance to show their talent and become something or someone they thought would never be. For that I am grateful.”

— Lachandra M.

Desiree S.

“We want to shout-out Coach Jared Dauplaise for being one of the best coaches we had an experience with. He had awesome feedback. Shout-out to NYLA for being the most credited and hard working agency we have ever had encounters with.”

— Desiree S.

Tanesia J.

“NYLA Talent has been an awesome platform the coaches as been phenomenal they make you feel confident they let you know that your dream you can pursue it it doesn’t matter how much time you have gotten a no. when that one yes is giving shine my daughter have become much more confident in herself she was and still looking forward to get into this awesome industry of acting that you all very much for all of your time to teach me that all thing or possibly thank again NYLA Talent for the exposure lots of love.”

— Tanesia J.

Calvin B.

“I can tell that the team and coaches really care.”

— Calvin B.

Ghare O.

“NYLATALENTS is an amazing organization that gives kids and young adults life altering skills. My son had a great time and I have seen his confidence level increase. Thanks to his amazing coaches and NYLA for giving him a platform to express a passion of his.”

— Ghare O.

Esther K.

“Both of my kids got contract with Commercial Talent through NYLA Talent thank you for always responding to our questions quickly and helping my boys get through this together to get a contract.”

— Esther K.

Mikaela J.

“This company and program have been amazing for our family and daughter. All the coaches and staff are the friendliest I’ve dealt with in a long time. I was skeptical at first when I saw the ads, as I am with anything. I’m so glad I decided to go through with it for my daughter. We’ve already received multiple call backs from agents after she did her showcase. Thank you so much NYLA Talent and staff!!”

— Mikaela J.

Jabdiellys B.

“I had a great experience on my bootcamps. Learn a lot of new things that will help me in my career. Coaches like Connor Weil are excellent. I would recommend NYLA Talent to anyone no matter the age. Thanks NYLA Talent.”

— Jabdiellys B.


“NYLA Talent helped my kids build confidence in public speaking, acting and expressing themselves. I love this model. It not only allows the kids to meet their favorite Disney characters, actors and game show hosts. But it allows my children to participate in a national search for talent without leaving my home. I have six children and there is no way I would have been able to afford plane tickets to California without NYLA. I would gladly recommend NYLA to anyone who would like to put their children in movies, commercials, TV shows or extras.”

— Angela

Dylan K.

“I seriously can’t say enough good things about NYLA, what they were able to do for me is incredible! Everyone was so supportive and available at any time to help me out if needed! NYLA was able to help me get to iPOP! we’re I have received many contract offers for Agents. Everyone involved in NYLA puts 100% into making sure you’re prepared and ready to succeed in this industry. NYLA provided me with some of the greatest training I’ve ever done. Getting to work with professional Actors and Acting coaches was an experience I’ll never forget. I was able to get such great advice and tips on how to make it in this industry. NYLA also gave me the greatest opportunity of my life in having me attend iPOP!. iPOP! is like nothing else in this world, you have the opportunity to audition for Agents, Managers, Record Labels and more. During iPOP everyone at NYLA was by my side making sure I was feeling good and prepared.. anytime I needed them for something they would be right there! NYLA also helps promote you to all the agents there which gives you that much more of a chance of getting a callback!! I seriously can’t thank NYLA enough for everything they’ve done for me. Anyone who’s interested in this industry should highly consider going through NYLA. MUCH LOVE AND THANK YOU!”

— Dylan K.

Delila J.

“NYLA talent is great. My son auditioned for NYLA Talent and one selected to attend the training bootcamps with people experienced in the industry. My son feels extremely prepared to attend IPOP 2022 thanks to NYLA.”

— Delila J.

Erin H.

“NYLA Talent is our new family! We were very scared about scams because this sounded too good to be true. But they are real, and the time and effort they put into their talent development program and iPOP! coordination was remarkable! iPOP! was magical and opened so many doors for our daughter! The gala was just like going to the Oscars! We will always be grateful to them for all their help and support!”

— Erin H.

Kim M.

“We had an awesome experience with NYLA. My daughter attended iPOP! and was well prepared for all of her categories thanks to the training that NYLA provided. She enjoyed all of the coaches and especially connected with Jareb Dauplaise. At the end of iPOP!, my daughter received 18 callbacks and a scholarship to attend the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts next summer. She also has been working regularly with agents, managers and recording studios since arriving home. Thank you, NYLA.”

— Kim M.

A. G.

“My daughter just received a contract from MGMT Artists. Thank you NYLA for making this possible. Your program is well tailored and provides ample opportunities to showcase talent of the budding artists. NYLA provided adequate time and training before my daughter interacted with the talent agencies. Shelby and Taylor of NYLA are quick to respond to all the queries. They promptly communicated and made sure we acknowledged the calls from all the talent agencies. NYLA provided personalized attention to my daughter and helped boost her confidence with their encouraging words. Thank you NYLA for all your help and efforts. Keep up the good work.”

— A. G.

Bri G.

“We had a great experience with NYLA! Their coaching is awesome and very helpful to both of my girls! When it came to showcase time, Dianne picked my daughter to attend iPOP! and it’s been a game changer! Dianne has believed in her since day one, and she was right, my daughter has gotten offered 5 contracts in a week and 1/2 since we’ve been back from iPOP!, with a few more in the works!! We couldn’t have done it without the help of some amazing coaches: Steve Roberts, Robert Vito, and Jareb Dauplaise. These guys really take their time and give awesome feedback. This has been a great ride, and the best is yet to come!!!”

— Bri G.

Mouminatou K.

“We loved the entire program as we worked with a very professional Team as you are! Had to enjoy all the rehearsals as a family, the coaches were nice, competent and very patient with the kids… this was our first time to join a Talent program, I can say, no regret at all! all our questions were answered to our satisfaction… Our Bootcamp was great, the coach added a big touch on the techniques!! The showcase was very well organized, inviting, everything is very nice so far… we are having lots of fun… THANK YOU!”

— Mouminatou K.

Mark P.

“With so many words to say but only a couple that i can say that describes my experience and that is life changing. This experience gave me exposure to things I have never worked on and also was able to work on my character and so much more. The coaches were amazing and helped so much in every way possible and for that I am 🙏 thankful and can’t wait until next time😁😊 iPOP! I recommend to anyone who is ready for that next leap in faith or even just a new start to a dream.”

— Mark P.

Emma H.

“It was amazing! I myself went through the program and can I just say, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. I started doing zoom calls a few months in advance of ipop with some amazing coaches who taught me more in a few months than I’ve learned in all my years doing theater (which is a lot of stuff let me just say) it is incredible what they do. I went into ipop with some pretty low expectations of what was actually going to come out of this experience. I ended up getting 13 callbacks and am already in the process of signing with a manager who is amazing! I also made the best friends a girl could ask for! Who knew in just one week I would make new friends who I talk to everyday! While it is a big cost, it is worth every penny spent! What comes out of it is huge! I already have an audition with disney! Nyla and ipop have changed my life for the better. They helped me get on the path of what I want to do with my life!”

— Emma H.

Nina P.

“NYLA will forever have my blessings for it’s selfless genuine care for the kids.”

— Nina P.

Jennifer W.

“I am in awe of this program and the wonderful team supporting, guiding, and coaching these children. Everyone at NYLA has been nothing short of amazing. We are watching our child grow and become confident each session and are looking forward to what the future may hold! NYLA is also doing an amazing job supporting us, the parents, as we navigate through this uncharted territory! Thanks for all you are doing – keep up the great work!!!”

— Jennifer W.

Tunji J.

“A big shout out to the entire NYLA Talent team and coaches for a great job done in putting this together to gather talents around the globe. good job”

— Tunji J.

N. Hall

“I’m sending you a big THANK YOU from both Serie and I. Right after the showcase, Serie was contacted by TN Model and Talent. She had a zoom meeting with them yesterday and it went great. We fly to Toronto in August for her to finish signing with them. This wouldn’t have been possible without your classes and help. If you ever want a testimonial, please let us know. Our experience with NYLA has been nothing but wonderful.”

— N. Hall

Dwishnicka R.

“My daughter loved 😍 this program and had a blast. It was a great confidence booster and overall amazing experience.”

— Dwishnicka R.

Lilliana F.

“ loved every minute of my NYLA Talent experience. My coaches were so helpful. The classes were fun, instructional, and educational. My dance bootcamp and modeling bootcamp were just as good. Honestly I did not know what to expect and I was blown away by the quality of the classes. NYLA talent was also very responsive and there to help with any little thing along the way.”

— Lilliana F.

Eleanor L.

“Also, I would like to thank NYLA and iPOP! for giving me an amazing opportunity and for pushing me to pursue my dreams and work hard!”

— Eleanor L.

Janacia W.

“I just want to thank everyone for helping prepare Kailee for the Agent Showcase. Also for the staff members that helped me through this process of getting her prepped and prepared, thank you”

— Janacia W.

Beth F.

“Thank you to everyone! You have put together a stellar team with very solid coaches who all make personal connections and gave very valuable information as they critiqued. Classes were uplifting and motivating to keep pushing and do better and better.”


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